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20 Affordable DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space

by THS Editorial Team
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DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space

Transforming your bedroom into a stylish, personalized haven doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. With a bit of creativity and some DIY spirit, you can revamp your space with unique and affordable decor ideas that reflect your personality and taste.

This article presents 20 budget-friendly DIY bedroom decor ideas that will inspire you to roll up your sleeves and start crafting. From custom fabric headboards to decorative ladders, each project is designed to be accessible and fun, allowing you to create a beautiful and inviting bedroom without breaking the bank.


Wall Art with Washi Tape

Credit: Instagram/@upstyleyourhome

To elevate your bedroom walls with vibrant washi tape, start by selecting a variety of colors and patterns that complement your room’s theme.

Clean the wall surface thoroughly to ensure the tape adheres well. Plan your design, which could be geometric shapes, stripes, or even a faux headboard outline. Lightly sketch your design on the wall with a pencil, using a ruler and level for precision.

Carefully apply the washi tape along your pencil lines, pressing it down firmly to avoid bubbles. If you make a mistake, don’t worry—washi tape is easy to reposition without damaging the wall. Once your design is complete, press the tape down firmly to ensure it sticks well and has a neat appearance.


Photo Collage

Credit: Instagram/@lifson_linen

Creating a personal photo collage adds a cozy, nostalgic touch to your bedroom. Begin by printing your favorite photos in various sizes and formats, such as black-and-white, sepia, or color. Stretch a piece of string or twine across a section of your wall, securing it with push pins or small hooks.

Arrange the photos on the string using mini clothespins, creating a grid pattern or letting them drape naturally. For added interest, mix in small art prints, inspirational quotes, or postcards.

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Fabric Headboard

Credit: Instagram/@mathishome

A custom fabric headboard can dramatically change the look of your bed. Measure the width of your bed and decide on the height of the headboard. Purchase a piece of plywood cut to these dimensions and cover it with foam padding for comfort, securing the foam with spray adhesive.

Choose a fabric that matches your room’s decor and lay it flat, placing the plywood and foam on top. Wrap the fabric around the edges, pulling it taut and stapling it to the back of the plywood. Use a staple gun to secure the fabric evenly, ensuring there are no wrinkles.

Finally, mount your new headboard to the wall behind your bed using wall-mount brackets, or attach it directly to the bed frame for a cohesive and stylish look.


String Lights

Credit: Instagram/@bedsandbedrooms

Choose between warm or cool lights depending on your preference and the ambiance you want to create. Plan the layout of the lights—drape them around your bed frame, across a window, or create a canopy effect by hanging them from the ceiling.

Use command hooks or small nails to secure the lights in place, ensuring they are evenly spaced for a uniform look. For added charm, consider using fairy lights or adding small paper lanterns to the string.

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Painted Furniture

Credit: Instagram/@aunteeeks

Giving old furniture a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint is a great way to update your bedroom. Sanding the furniture to remove any old paint or varnish and to create a smooth surface. Wipe it clean with a damp cloth to remove dust.

Apply a coat of primer if necessary, especially if the furniture is dark or has a glossy finish. Once the primer is dry, paint the furniture with your chosen color using a brush or roller. Apply multiple thin coats for a smooth, even finish, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying the next. Finish with a clear topcoat to protect the paint and add durability.


Mason Jar Organizers

Credit: Instagram/@betterdealsmv

Mason jars are perfect for organizing small items and adding a rustic touch to your decor. Gather several mason jars, a wooden plank, hose clamps, and screws. Measure and mark where you want each jar on the plank, ensuring they are evenly spaced.

Attach the hose clamps to the plank using screws, then place a mason jar in each clamp and tighten securely. Mount the plank on your wall using sturdy brackets or picture hangers. Use the jars to store items like makeup brushes, pens, small plants, or other essentials.

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DIY Shelves

Credit: Instagram/@design.only

Measure and cut wooden planks to your desired length and sand the edges smooth. Choose brackets that match your room’s style—metal for an industrial look or painted wood for a rustic feel. Mark the wall where you want the shelves, ensuring they are level.

Attach the brackets to the wall with screws and anchors for added stability. Place the wooden planks on the brackets and secure them with screws. Decorate the shelves with books, plants, picture frames, and other decorative items to add a personal touch to your space.


Customized Pillow Covers

Credit: Instagram/@studiobysammy

Creating unique pillow covers to match your bedroom decor is a fun and easy way to add a personal touch. Start with plain pillow covers in a neutral color. Plan your design, whether using fabric paint and stencils for patterns or creating custom designs with iron-on transfers or fabric markers.

Lay the covers flat on a protected surface. If using stencils, secure them in place and apply fabric paint with a sponge or brush, allowing each layer to dry before removing the stencil. For iron-on designs, follow the package instructions to transfer the images onto the fabric. Allow the designs to dry completely before using the pillows.

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Accent Wall

Credit: Instagram/@jackgagedesign

Transforming your bedroom with an eye-catching accent wall can dramatically change its ambiance. Choose a bold color or a striking pattern to set it apart from the other walls. Use painter’s tape to protect adjacent walls, the ceiling, and trim.

If using paint, apply a base coat if needed, followed by your chosen color. For patterns, consider using stencils or wallpaper. Apply the paint or wallpaper evenly, following the manufacturer’s instructions. An accent wall can make your room feel more dynamic and stylish.


Macrame Wall Hanging

Credit: Instagram/@C7nmJQjifKq

Adding texture and a boho-chic vibe to your bedroom with a macramé wall hanging is a creative and rewarding project. Learn basic macramé knots and techniques from online tutorials. Cut your macramé cord into equal lengths, usually about 5-6 feet each, depending on the desired size of your wall hanging.

Attach the cords to a dowel or branch using lark’s head knots. Follow a pattern to create your design, tying various knots such as square knots and half hitch knots. Trim the ends to even out the bottom.

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DIY Planters

Credit: Instagram/@thegrowcoofficial

Gather items like tin cans, clay pots, or old teacups. Clean and dry them thoroughly before painting or decorating them to match your room’s theme. Use acrylic paint, spray paint, or decoupage techniques for decoration. Fill the planters with soil and add small plants or succulents.

Ensure they have proper drainage by adding small holes at the bottom if necessary. Place them on windowsills, shelves, or bedside tables to bring life and color into your room.


Mirrors with Decorative Frames

Credit: Instagram/@sophiahome.uae

Find inexpensive mirrors and frames that fit your style. If the frames are plain, paint or decorate them to match your decor. Secure the mirrors to the frames using strong adhesive or mounting hardware, ensuring they are centered and stable.

Hang them on your walls in strategic places to reflect light and create the illusion of a larger, brighter space. Consider grouping smaller mirrors together for a gallery wall effect.

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Floating Nightstands

Credit: Instagram/@amanda_builds

Use small shelves or repurposed crates mounted on the wall next to your bed. Measure and mark the desired height on the wall, ensuring the nightstands will be within easy reach. Attach sturdy brackets or mounting hardware to the wall, making sure they are level and securely anchored.

Place the shelves or crates on the brackets and secure them with screws. These floating nightstands provide storage and a sleek, contemporary look. Use them to hold essentials like books, alarm clocks, and lamps.


Decorative Ladder

Credit: Instagram/@Bks5x1JlXsw

Repurposing an old ladder into a stylish decorative piece adds a unique touch to your bedroom. Clean and sand the ladder to remove any rough spots. Paint or stain it to match your bedroom decor, or leave it natural for a rustic look.

Lean the ladder against a wall and use the rungs to hang blankets, scarves, or even books. You can also add hooks or small shelves to increase its functionality.

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Fabric Garland

Credit: Instagram/@rochelleraedesigns

Gather fabric scraps in colors and patterns that match your room’s theme. Cut the fabric into strips about 1-2 inches wide and 12-18 inches long. Tie the strips onto a length of string or twine, spacing them evenly.

You can create a pattern with the fabric strips or mix them randomly for a more eclectic look. Hang the garland above your bed, across a window, or along a wall for a festive and personalized touch to your decor.


Bulletin Board

Credit: pinterest/@homedecorideasbeautiful

Customize a bulletin board to display photos, notes, and inspirational quotes. Start with a plain bulletin board and measure the board’s dimensions. Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the board, allowing enough fabric to wrap around the edges.

Lay the fabric flat and place the board face down on top. Pull the fabric tightly around the board and staple it to the back, ensuring it is smooth and wrinkle-free. Add ribbon in a crisscross pattern for a decorative touch, stapling it at the intersections. Use push pins to attach your items.

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Stenciled Walls

Credit: Instagram/@kate_decorates

Add intricate designs to your walls with stencils and paint. Choose a stencil pattern that complements your decor. Secure the stencil to the wall with painter’s tape, ensuring it is level. Use a small roller or brush to apply paint over the stencil, taking care not to apply too much paint at once to avoid bleeding.

Carefully remove the stencil and reposition it to continue the pattern, allowing each section to dry before moving the stencil. This technique can create a wallpaper effect without the cost and hassle of traditional wallpaper.



Credit: Instagram/@flairrugs

Make a unique rug using braided fabric strips or by painting a plain rug. For a braided rug, gather fabric in different colors and patterns. Cut the fabric into long strips about 1-2 inches wide. Braid the strips together, securing the ends with fabric glue or by sewing them.

Coil the braid into a circular or oval shape, gluing or sewing the edges together as you go. For a painted rug, use stencils and fabric paint to add a design to a plain rug. Lay the rug flat and secure the stencil in place. Apply the paint with a sponge or brush, allowing each layer to dry before removing the stencil.

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Cork Board Jewelry Organizer

Credit: Instagram/@_taste.the.waste_

Organize your jewelry with a cork board. Start with a plain cork board and measure its dimensions. Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the board, allowing enough fabric to wrap around the edges. Lay the fabric flat and place the board face down on top.

Pull the fabric tightly around the board and staple it to the back, ensuring it is smooth and wrinkle-free. Add hooks or push pins to hang necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.


Upcycled Decor

Credit: Instagram/@CwWzrp4otst

Repurpose old items into unique decor pieces for your bedroom. Transform picture frames into trays by adding a piece of decorative paper or fabric inside. Stack vintage suitcases to create a side table or storage unit. Use wooden crates as shelves or storage bins.

Clean and paint the items to match your decor if necessary. Add hardware such as handles, knobs, or hooks to increase their functionality. A little creativity can turn old, unused items into stylish and functional decor that adds character to your room.

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In conclusion, Transforming your bedroom into a personal oasis doesn’t have to be an expensive or daunting task. With these 20 affordable DIY decor ideas, you can infuse your space with creativity, warmth, and personality. Each project offers a unique way to enhance your room.

These DIY endeavors not only refresh your decor but also provide a sense of accomplishment and joy as you see your space evolve. Remember, the best decor reflects who you are, so feel free to adapt and personalize these ideas to make your bedroom truly your own.


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